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It can even send you weekly reports so you know exactly how much time you wasted on Facebook, or spent in your email inbox! I stumbled upon the concept of margin while reading a post by Michael Hyattwhich led me to design my ideal week. Richard Swenson, M.

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I spent nearly a year turning down every new project and even getting rid of old ones so that I could reduce my workload, build in more margin, and create what is now Digital Strategy School. It takes time to build margin into your schedule. Write a book.

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Create a program. Update your contracts and proposals which has been on your to-do list for how long.?

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Spend more time with your family. Go above and beyond for a client.

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Learn something new. Actually follow through on the things that have been nagging at you for a long time. When you design your ideal week, you start to see that the time you think you have is often not in alignment with how much time you actually have.

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After designing my ideal week, I had a much clearer idea of how to create a framework for my week that would empower me to feel more focused by theming days femme tab ed 20/ 100 weight loss the week, and even parts of the day. SO simple, I know.

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Creating more margin has been game-changing for my business. What would be possible for yours?